Jamaica's #1 Choice

What Is Festival?

Festival is a Jamaican pastry-like food that pairs well with virtually every Jamaican dish. It’s great as a delicious side served with jerk chicken, fried fish, lobster or as an appetizer. It also goes well with your favorite dip, a steamy cup of soup, or even as dessert topped with whip cream.

This original hails from Jamaica’s Hellshire Beach, known for having the best fish and Festival on the island, a MUST for anyone wanting to experience Jamaica like a Jamaican.


#1 Choice

Aunt May’s Festival is the #1 choice craved by Hellshire Beach visitors over the last 40 years. Her cooking is featured on a number of “must do when visiting Jamaica” lists including the Travel Channel, Food and Wine magazine, Caribbean Journal and the Island Potluck blog.

Aunt May’s Original Hellshire Festival Mix

Now you can make and serve the BEST Festivals at home, using Aunt May’s Original Hellshire Festival Mix, just add water. Aunt May’s recipe is crispy on the outside, light and flavorful inside, with an irresistible taste.

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